R-Urban London

Tool Lending Library Workshop





Swan Wharf
60 Dace Road
Fish Island
E3 2NG

It's time for East London to have a brand new R- URBAN TOOL LENDING LIBRARY! A place where makers of all kind can find what they need: quality tools, a network of other makers that can provide advices and experience and a community intersted in sharing knowledge and skills. The R-Urban Wick Tool Library will be the first in London and one of the first of its kind in the UK. It will: - stock, lend and maintain tools - pool tools, enabling makers to exchange tools and expertise directly between themselves - recirculate used tools which have become surplus in the construction industry - offer a venue to host talks and workshops around making to share skills and knowledge The tool library will be set up by public works, as not for profit organisation working as part of the European R-Urban network, under the local R-Ur- ban Wick project. Join us to find out more about the Tool Lending Library proposal and how you can get involved.