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Surplus Digestion





Central Books
99 Wallis Road
E9 5LN

Join Thomas Fletcher, Henry Bishop and Fausto Marcigot for a late afternoon conversation about food waste, anaerobic digesters and recycled kitchens.

Thomas Fletcher and Henry Bishop are the team behind Rejuce - a unique juice company based in Hackney Wick which is re-directing food surpluses from local markets and transforming it into soups and smoothies.Tom and Harry will talk about their work with waste food and give a virtual tour of his kitchen which is nearly entirely assembled from recycled materials.

Fausto Marcigot is a mechanical engineer with an interest in sustainable development and waste to energy projects and expert knowledge in anaerobic digestion and home brewing. Fausto has built and run anaerobic digesters in both the UK and Africa. He will give an introduction into how this technology works.

This event launches an ambitious project to build an anaerobic digester made from re-claimed materials for Thomas's kitchen. The digester will turn the remaining food waste from Rejuice production into biogas and plant fertilizer to complete the waste cycle. We are now collecting materials for the project ,can you help us locate any?

Please help us find materials which we can re-cycle to build an anaerobic digester.
We are looking for:

Food mercarator - a food waste disposer to shred organic waste
Heavy duty pump - hand pump to pump organic waste into the digester
5 meters of 32mm flexi hose - to connect insikerator to digester
2 large plastic or stainless steel drums with lids - main digester vessel and gas storage.
Insulation - to keep digester at constant temperature
Biogas scrubber - a small vesself filled with steel shavings
Biogas lantern and cooker kid - to use the bio gas
Hot water tank and electric boiler - heating system to heat the digester
Insulated pipe - for water heating system
Hot water pump - 80 degree low watt to heat digester to a constant 25 degrees celcius
Solar water heating panel - to heat the digester and keep it off grid whenever possible.