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80 Eastway
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Wick Session No8 will bring together practitioners and researchers working in the field of material Re-use.

Artist Folke Köbberling will introduce works from her collaboration with Martin Kaltwasser, which extensively engages with the re-use of waste to produce urban interventions. Moira Lascelles from the Architecture Foundation will present the findings of her recent research into Re-Use centres and how they could be applied in East London. Daren Howarth will introduce his experiences with Earthships, a low carbon, self build passive house, and Thomas Pausz will revisit the Community Shed project which surveyed the self build sheds of the former Manor Gardens allotments site.

The evening will be hosted by the Cre8 Centre in Hackney Wick, who are in the midst of planning the Cre8 Arc, an ambitious self build project which will re-use materials from the Olympic site. A short introduction to the Cre8 Arc project will be followed by short presentations from the invited guests with enough space for an open exchange of ideas and questions.


Hold it! - Folke Köbberling and Martin Kaltwasser develop interventions for urban spaces which re-use existing structures, thus questioning the familiar way of dealing with urban architecture in subtle, often humorous ways. Their projects tackle issues around grass root participation and self-organization, market economics, mobility, shelter, sustainability, and the scarcity of resources. They use building refuse, reject and surplus material from industrial production, as well as donated goods that consumer society rejects. They hoard and sort these for subsequent sustainable reuse. Beyond creating art and design objects and architecture, Köbberling & Kaltwasser initiate action. Many of their constructions are executed in a collective DIY effort with support from local helpers, as anyone is capable of tinkering about with his or her hands. Simply finding and assembling material relies on collective input and support. Therefore, all of their efforts are imbued with a participatory spirit and open-minded inspiration.

Closed Loops in Meanwhile Construction - Moira Lascelles from the Architecture Foundation will present her recent research commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation which examine a selection of national and international case studies of creative re-use. The research assembles a series of lessons learnt to inform the potential creation of a Materials Reuse Centre in East London on an interim use site. This facility would potentially aid the construction of future meanwhile projects on or around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and also offer building materials and components for sale to the wider public for reuse.

Groundhouse - The Exploration of Shelter - Daren Harwarth will present the lessons he has learnt from building the Brighton Earthship, and the more advanced Brittany Groundhouse. Daren will include an update on earthship developments globally, as well as the newly re-launched site dedicated to The Exploration of Shelter, Groundhouse.com. With Adrianne Nortje, Daren has authored Groundhouse: Build and Cook, covering some of the basics of self building and earthship construction. It explores the community side of self building, and includes many original cooking recipes that came into being during the building of the Brittany Groundhouse. Copies of the book are obtainable from Adrianne Nortje at www.groundhouse.com.

Revisiting the Community Shed - In 2007 Thomas Pausz met a group of allotments owners and initiated a dialogue about their life at Manor Gardens -a former allotment site, which had been de-located to make way for the Olympic Park. A brochure was distributed to 50 gardeners to describe the "community shed" they had lost: collectively built, the quasi-mythical shed is a place of self-initiated democratic dialogue, parties, barbecues and afternoon naps. Based on the description of the techniques and materials given by the original users of the shed, but using salvaged architectural parts, Thomas Pausz re-built the shelter, this time right out in the center of London, to host an annual gardeners’ meeting. REVISITING is a celebration of memory, the transmission of design know-how between generations and cultures and of community survival against the odds. Apart from the actual building reconstruction, a handmade artist publication “Revisiting” collects the memories, acting as a node to produce and share alternative information.

Cre8 Arc - Cre8 Lifestyle Centre is new community resources in Hackney Wick comprising of more than 3000 square feet of expansive event space across two rooms, with several other generous studios and galleries, providing an alternative venue for hire.

Cre8 is in the midst of planning the Cre8 Arc, an ambitious self build project based on sustainable eco-construction principles. The Cre8 Arc is a lodge which will be build from recycled and sustainable materials and state-of-the-art bio-architecture. It will provide a sustainable Eco-garden and Eco-lodge at the Cre8 Centre in Hackney Wick, built entirely with recycled and sustainable resources, re-using materials from the London 2012 Games and other local organisations. Working with a network of multi-skilled local people and providing opportunities to learn about eco-construction, gardening and how waste-free our future could be. Initially based on the Earthship model developed by Michael Reynolds it has embraced the extensive material surplus left by the Olympic games and has now tailored the project specifically to the re-use of locally available materials. facebook Cre8.