R-Urban London

Picking up the Pieces





Sugarhouse Studios
Unit A2, 107 High Street Stratford
E15 2QQ

Picking up the Pieces brings together makers and cultural producers from the Hackney Wick area who in their own work explore issues around, recycling, reuse, and the collective production of public situations. The session featured projects and practitioners which draw from the physical, cultural and creative resources of Hackney Wick to produce inventive sustainable and bottom up solutions. Highlighting ways of working and thinking which encourage a hands on approach to making with results ranging from stools to temporary cultural spaces and everything in between.

Speakers gave a short presentation to their work followed by an open conversation. The session was held at Sugar House Studios in East London part of a the Assemble collective. http://sugarhousestudios.co.uk Speakers included: Bruce Ingram (artist), Martino Gamper (product designer), Takeshi Hayatsu (architect), Assemble (architect), public works (art/architecture)

The Wick Session was held in conjuction with Colin Priest from Studio Columba who put together a show of recent academic enquiries by students on the areas around Hackney Wick. ‘The exposition showcases the coincidental diversity of thought and endeavor by the next generation of architects, designers and writers in time for the London Architecture Festival 2012′.