R-Urban London

Reclaim Olympic timber and aluminium beer cans workshop





80 Eastway
London E9 5JH

Join us for a hands on workshop where we will be building waterproof roof panels for the WOW milk float using reclaimed timber from the Olympic site and discarded aluminium beer cans collected from around the local area.

The workshop will be organised around three distinct activities. Collecting and obtaining materials for building with, harvesting and preparing useable material from the waste materials collected and finally using the prepared and reformed materials to construct a panel roofing system.

The workshop will begin with a short walk around Hackney Wick, where we will collect waste beer cans from the local area and explore the possiblities for developing a strategy for collecting the cans continuously over the coming weeks.

When we return to the milk float we will begin the process of harvesting useable material from the reclaimed materials we have collected and obtained. This part of the workshop will focus specifically on, harvesting timber from the resin filled timber decking we have obtained from the Olympic site and also harvesting sheet aluminium from the aluminium beer cans we collected earlier in the day.

Finally, we will all put of making abilities to the test when we embark upon constructing a roofing panel with the materials we have prepared.

The workshop will start at 12pm on Saturday the 23rd of February 2013 
at the Cre8 Centre in Hackney Wick

We look forward to seeing you there...