R-Urban London

Extra-Ordinary Knowledge





Smokey Tails
The Container Yard
119 Wallis Road
E9 5LN

Photo: Nina Pope

Photo: Nina Pope

Photo: Nina Pope

Photo: Nina Pope

Photo: Nina Pope


Extra Ordinary Knowledge provides a showcase for fantastic examples of local knowledge and skills. To those 'in the know' these might seem 'everyday' but to the rest of us they can seem like magic! Come along and experience a Smörgåsbord of skills: from sign writing to comfrey fertiliser production, bamboo bikes to brewing!


12.00 Introduction by Nina Pope, Somewhere & Andreas Lang, public works
12.15 — 13.00 Drop-in Films on Making (left) (on board the Floating Cinema)
13.00 Melissa Ronaldson from The Herbal Barge presents Anti-microbials from your kitchen & towpath - a response to the antibiotic resistance crisis
13.40 Homemade Drones with Anish Mohammed
14.10 All things Comfrey with Charlie Seber
14.30 The Beauty of Brewing with Shane McNamara, Crate Brewery
15.10 — 15.30 Drop-in Films on Making (on board the Floating Cinema)
15.30 Juicing Demo with The Projuicer, Alex Noble
16.00 EMBX, Joe Stillion and Matthew Jones - Inside computers
16.20 Frank Marr from the Bamboo Bicycle Club leads a presentation Q&A about their open source bamboo bike making workshops
16.40 Make-your-own Cricket Balls with Thomas Benjamin
17.00 Ends

Films on Making

Glas, Bert Haanstra, 1958, 11 min
Glas is a 1958 Dutch short documentary film by Bert Haanstra about the glass industry in the Netherlands. It won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject. Haanstra's camera follows the subtle process of glass-making, from the handmade crystal glass to the automated bottle making machines.

The Makers of Things, Anne Hollowday, 2013
'The Makers of Things documents the work and workshops of the Society for Model and Experimental Engineers, a sprawling organisation with members all over the world.'Through these 4 little portraits, from the Model Engineer to The Woodworker, the films invite us to discover those 'makers of things' and their passion for creating.
1. The Society 3'15
2. The Problem Solver 3'58
3. The Model Engineer 3'25
4. The Woodworker 4'11

The Making of the Floating Cinema, O Production, 2013 11 mins