R-Urban London

Building a Milk Float Extension





Frontside Gardens
67 Rothbury Road
E9 5HA

WICK ON WHEELS will be a running a second self build workshops with Andrew Willis at Frontside Gardens in Hackney Wick, E9. The workshop will explore ideas for possible extensions to the back of the WOW milk float using reclaimed materials found in Hackney Wick and Fish Island. We will be building small tests pieces and brainstorm ideas of how best to extend the back of the WOW truck for a number of different func-tions. The workshops will be running from on Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th of November from 10am - 4pm. Everyone is welcome at any time to join in and participate. no previous knowledge of build-ing is required. The workshop will be joined by architecture students from the University of Sheffield. A concluding presentation of all ideas and outcomes will take place at 1pm on Saturday the 24th together with some hot drinks.

ABOUT FRONTSIDE GARDENS Was chosen by the London Legacy Development Cor-poration (LLDC) and Tower Hamlets Borough Council as the winners of a competition to make use of a temporary site in Hackney Wick. By reactivating an unused space, using reclaimed and waste materi-als, Frontside Gardens is creating a skatepark which will also be useable as a community area and events space. The plan is to have the park open as much as possible partially governed by local volunteers.