R-Urban London

Build a carbonised plant regulated growing system





80 Eastway
E9 5JH

Join us for a practical workshop with local horticulturalist Charlie Seber and Japanese architect Takeshi Hayatsu. We will re-use bathtubs to build a unique plant regulated growing system which will be housed at the new Cre8 Arc in Hackney Wick. Charlie has been experimenting at his home with plant regulated growing systems. These reduce the need for watering and weeding and significantly increase the yield. This workshop will extend the experiment to Hackney Wick and will embrace techniques from the far east. Takeshi will introduce the japanese method of timber scorching: a vernacular treatment developed long before paint systems, and still used in Japan today. The charred timber will both clad the planter and reference Charlie's ongoing carbon experiments which will be discussed during the workshop. No previous building experience is required.

The workshop is part of ‘Experiments in Household Knowledge’ - a series of collaborations with East London ecological and environmental innovators. The project will explore and showcase unusual and inventive ways of making and experimenting. From new gardening techniques to alternative forms of energy production or innovative recycling methods, we’ll be sharing a range of unique and often self-taught skills through walks, talks and hands-on workshops.

‘Experiments in Household Knowledge’ is a Public Works project commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation anticipating the opening of the new North Park Hub building in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the summer of 2013. The project is also supported by R-urban, a two year long project establishing practices and networks of urban resilience.