R-Urban London




For the last three years public works has been collaborating with Atelier d'Architecture Autogérée (AAA), on R-Urban an internationally acclaimed professional and citizen initiative of resilient regeneration in Colombes, near Paris and in Hackney Wick, east London.

AAA along with many local, national and international collaborators established this unique project consisting of an urban agriculture site 'Agrocite' and a recycling centre 'Recyclub'. The new municipal government of Colombes wants to replace R-Urban with a temporary car park and destroy this exemplary project as soon as September 2015.

We urgently need all your help to stop this from happening and persuade the municipality and other interested authorities to preserve this project. Please sign the petition, circulate in your networks and get people to support R-Urban.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE & CIRCULATE! ... and don't forget to write a reasons for your support along with your signature.

#saveRURBAN - Réseau de pratiques citoyennes résilientes from atelier d'architecture autogérée on Vimeo.

- Thanks you all for you support -

Art Moves

Wick on Wheels wil be taking part in the Art Moves exhibtion on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the 20th & 21st of September 2014

'The Art Moves exhibition will showcase the very best of mobile architecture and design as part of Open House London weekend. ... Bringing together artists from across Europe to discuss their portable practices and explore how mobile art projects have contributed to communities and regeneration schemes across the world.

A free film and talks programme will compliment the event, screening famous artists' films such as Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead which toured the United States, and a talk from internationally renowned art collective N55 from Copenhagen.'

R-urban will house a mini exhibition on the back of Wick on Wheels of mobile urban projects which deal with sustainabilty.

In addition we will be hosting a Wick Session at the show on Saturday the 20th. Times and speakers to be confirmed shortly.

Tools for East London - Help us raise funds for a Tool Lending Library

We are excited to launch our first ever crowd funding campaign to set up a Tool Lending Library in East London. Please help spread the word and donate if you can - no contribution is too small ... or big.

The tool lending library will provide easy and affordable access to a wide range of good quality tools. It builds on the local lending ethos which is already strong and helps us establish an active support network for makers in the area. The system is simple: A small monthly fee will allow members to borrow tools and have an active say in what tools will be stocked and how the library will be run.
We have done our research which you can check out on our website. More info is also available on the Indiegogo page.

The R-Urban Wick Tool Library will be the first in London and one of the first of its kind in the UK. It will do a lot of things:
- stock, lend and maintain tools
- the 'tool pool' will connect makers to exchange tools and expertise directly between themselves
- recirculate used tools which have become surplus in the construction industry
- offer a venue to host talks and workshops around making to share skills and knowledge

We need your help to get this new and exciting facility off the ground!

We have a wide range of perks to reward your generousity. Perks start from your name being inscribed on the 'Supporters Wall of Fame' and/or having a tool named in your honour. Monthly or annual memberships for the tool library, a collection of public works, R-Urban Wick publication and a special series of hand made P£ANK Furniture designed and built by our team and a special tour of Hackney Wick on our Wick on Wheels Milk Float.

Apart from donations we mainly need your help in setting up a community of like minded who want to be involved with the Tool Library.
It would be fantastic if you could help spread the word by simply clicking the Facebook and Twitter links on our Indiegogo page.

We leave you with a picture (above) of the Berkley Tool Lending Library in California which started in a small caravan and has since grown into a successful public resource.

Open Access workshops - a list, a map and a network

Following on from the last Wick Session on open workshop, Maria from the Black Horse Workshop organised a first meeting of OWL - Open Workshops London. Owl is a monthly (or so) gathering of the people behind workspaces across London to share experiences and contemplate joint actions or initiatives.

We spent a bit of time putting map of Open Workshops together a list of version of the same content can be seen here. Let us know if we missed anything important or if you would like to be included.

The map and list is an extension of Martin Dittus' list of open workshops in London which you can find here

Floating everywhere

Wonderful to meet with Umi Baden-Powell - a fellow milk float enthusiast - who dropped by for a mini milk float convention in the yard. Umi lives in her HOME FLOAT and uses it to host events and curate shows by others. Nicely fitted out with wintergarden and composting toilet - nearly off grid.

Also on the same day I finally managed to bump into our neighbor Sarah and April who have repurposed a similar Milk Float into a Frozen Yoghurt station. 3 Floats in a day.


Yesterday Hackney Wick witnessed a guerilla workshop in the form of a small [but expanding] group of local residents, deploying a workshop space from the back of the Wick On Wheels milk float. Between the hours of one and four thirty in the evening we occupied a space on the roadside, adjacent to Station food and wine emporium. Those involved partook in the construction of a number of components key in extending the back of the milk float so as to provide a flexible space which will cater for a variety of activities which are in planning for the months ahead.

Whilst some of us worked on harvesting and processing sheet aluminum from the beer cans we have already collected, others continued building the prototype lightweight panel, which will constitute one of 8 duplicate pieces. Others constructed timber boxes from reclaimed timber pallets donated to us by Central Books. These were later located in prominent positions with heavy footfall around the Hackney Wick area. The purpose in doing this is in to provide boxes for local people to bring their uncrushed aluminum beer cans, which we will process and incorporate into our build.

David, [the nomadic man] even found a use for our waste [that’s using the waste product of a waste product]. He makes musical instruments from waste materials and began crushing down the left over can bottoms to begin making a tambourine. Big thanks to Lucy, Susie and David for spending the day with us and also to everyone else who stopped to chat… the day was great fun.

Enjoy the pictures and maybe see you next week for the next one...

Re-claimed material building workshops

Over the next four weeks we will be running daily open workshops on the car park at the Cre8 Centre in Hackney Wick. We will be building an extension to the Wick on Wheels (WOW) milk float using recycled and reclaimed materials. Please join us and get hands on involved, learn how to work with recycled materials or simply drop in for a chat. No previous building experience is needed.

We are on site Wednesdays to Saturdays from 12 noon until 5pm

The daily workshops will be focused on a number of tasks. We will be building roof panels from recycled beer cans, set up a workspace using reclaimed timber from the Olympic site, build a planter using old bath tubs and more. All from our mobile workshop at the back of the milk float.

Over the coming four weeks we will also be running more focused building workshops on Saturdays that explore specific aspects of working with reclaimed materials. Everyone attending the workshop will have the opportunity to engage in the different processes of making during the course of the day and contribute to the experimentation and design development.

Also drop in to learn about the Cre8 Arc project and community garden which is taking shape at the back of the Cre8 centre.

Saturday workshops run from 12 - 4pm see the events section for more details

For more information call Steven on 07450 965277, or email us here.

Can Collection

Our new can collection point is up and running at the entrance to Queens Yard. It is filling faster then we thought it would. Only 25% of alluminium cans get recycled in the UK - a shockingly low number baring in mind that alluminium is 100% recycable.

We are collecting the cans to build a light weight roof panel for the WOW float. Over the coming weeks we will be working on the car park of the Cre8 Centre. Helpers or curious people are always welcome. We will set up a few weekend workshops as well. Times to be announced shortly.

Tin Tiles

We are working on a light weight skin for the float re-using old cans. In the process we are re-inventing the can opener ... We will be on site at Cre8 from next week onwards to build first prototypes of the components. Drop by if you want to join in or if you have old cans to contribute to the skin they are always welcomed.