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[NeighbourHOOD] exhibition at performance ]SPACE[

We first came across performance]SPACE[ during the 'Printers Paradise' walk. The door was open and a small sign invited us in. A quick detour into a smoke filled room with people performing across the space seemingly ignoring the audience of 20 strangers that just walked in on them. As first encounters go, this one was curious enough to get in touch and find out more about what was going on. We met Bea, Benjamin and Anna who have been generous in offering their space for one of our Wick Sessions (unfortunately it was double booked) and have recently invited us to a very local dinner as part of their international residency project [neighbourHOOD] EVENT which will conclude on Saturday the 3rd of December.

[neighbourHOOD] EVENT

Saturday 3rd December 11am - 11pm
Following a 10 day intensive research residency the [neighbourHOOD] artists will draw together an exhibition and evening of performance art and film. Artists: Tine Voeks, Maria Lucia, Benjamin Sebastian, Kimbal Quist Bumbstead, Liam Yeates and isik met knutsdotter

Exhibition: 11am - 11pm
Developed and led by the artists, the exhibition is anticipated to grow out of the research-lab, through install-action and the exhibition of research material. Constructed throughout the day, the exhibition will both lay bare artistic process and weave together loose ends to form a live archival document of Hackney Wick now. The exhibition will also include performance-for-camera photographic prints from each artist, produced site-specifically in collaboration with ]performance s p a c e [ photographer Marco Berardi.

Performances: 7 - 9 pm (TBC)
New performances made in response to the [neighbourHOOD] residency in Hackney Wick.

by Enrico Masi, produced by CAUCASO FACTORY (10' UK, 2011, color/B-w, 16mm/Full HD)
'Discovering a new space in east London, after the negative stigma of the 80's, Stratford will now present himself as a thrilling new urban device for people to move, work, shop and travel. The increasingly spectacular Olympic park, with Anish Kapoor's monumental red panoramic tower growing in his middle and a special toilet only for the queen. 'Default the Brutal' is like forecasting on weather conditions.'

CAUCASO FACTORY have worked in collaboration with ]performance s p a c e [ and PAS throughout [neighbourbourHOOD] to document the activity unfolding. The collective's current area of research has focused on the regeneration and development of Olympic boroughs and the current socio-economic climate across Europe.

[neighbourHOOD] is a free event
Beer, gin and bagels will be served all day!!