R-Urban London



We need your extra bits
The stuff you have too much off
The stuff you don't mind sharing, or lending.
Your surplus!

R-Urban Wick is assembling a pop up Surplus Shop as part of Open East - the opening festival for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which takes place on the 27th and 28th of July 2013.

In the two weeks leading up to the event we are collecting the stuff Hackney Wick and Fish Island has in abundance.
Most of it will be documented in form of a poster.
Some of it will be on display.
Some of it can be sold or bartered.

We are collecting everything you might have too much off:
Materials, time, advice, compliments, boxes full of things, stacks of stuff, generosities of all kinds, things you don't mind lending, your can of old coins, performances ...etc...
Whatever is in abundance and you are happy to share.

The surplus will be documented in form of posters which will form the backdrop of the shop. The shop will display some carefully selected contributions at the back of our milk float (www.wickonwheels.net). It is part display, part brokering agency, only a selected number of items are for sale - most of them on a 'pay what you think its worth' basis.