R-Urban London


A Digester for the Wick

Tom and Fausto inspecting the digester

Fausto holding up the biogas lamp.

The fermented liquid is collected in a barrael and provides fertilizer for the garden

Throughout last year Fausto has been running this anareobic digester at the Urban bee lodge in Kennington Park. It has been dorment over the winter and we initally thought that it might be possible to bring it to the Wick as it seemed access to requierments in Kennington. The good news is that the Urban Bee Lodge has more volunteers to run and promote the digester in Kennington, which also means we can't bring it Hackney Wick. Inspired by what we saw in Kenningtons plans were hatched to build our own digester re-using existing components and making it fit local requierments.

The digester in Kennington was a demonstration model designed by Loo Watts. It was extremely useful to see how it works and what level of maintanance which is requiered.