R-Urban London



Last Saturday the 21st of March, R-Urban Wick joined R-Urban Colombes in Paris for the R-URBAN DAY, a one day long celebration of all the R-Urban projects currently active, including Agrocité and the RECYCLAB which opened on the day!

Here below the program of the day with the many intersting activities we joined in.


11:00/16:00 - we repaired everyday objects in the Repair Café
13:00 - DIY SNACK
14:00/17:00 - we manufactured all sorts of furnitures from old damaged objects to broken and recovered material!
15:30 - Ecodesign Fab Lab (Montreuil) Extramuros (Gennevilliers), Simone (Colombes) MicroStop, urban hitchhiking reinvented mobile (Colombes), present their innovative projects in Mini-Conferences!
16:00 - Aperitif Bricolatoire and out of the R-Urban Shuttle


17:00 - No Local Store Opening and Exhibition Consumerist creations of the Prod-Action Workshop
18:00 - Disco Soup music by two groups of Associtation Zuluberlus Colombes: MINI VEX & Doolayz & The O!
19:00 - Open Microphone! We turned to projects which shared the themes of ecology and social solidarity economy! With the participation of the shared garden 56stblaise (Paris), the School of Compost
(Colombes) and Andreas Lang R-Urban Tool Lending Library project (London)
At dusk, the collective Royal Zoo illuminated the garden!
20:00 - Screening of a documentary film about the social economy Patrick Laroche: "Working (+ or -) otherwise".