R-Urban London


Scouting with Super Use Oogskart, www.harvestmap.nl

Harvestmap.nl is a web-based, European-wide network of re-users sharing expertise, contacts and sources of materials, searchable via a visual map-based interface or a more traditional listing. The platform is currently in beta-version testing and is seeking users to participate and contribute.

R-urban Wick have been asked to participate in the testing by uploading information about re-use in London, to establish it as a 'node' on the system alongside the relatively well-populated network in the Netherlands. Whilst some things are best re-use locally - such as sources of material - some things are less geographically dependent (such as re-use tips and points of reference).

The site offers levels of membership that allow access to different kinds of content - membership at any level is free for the rest of this year, after which a small fee would be charge to upper membership levels to cover administration of the site.

R-urban has registered as a 'Scout' - the most active membership level - and have begun uploading our research material and local contacts. Scouts can also act as 'brokers', serving as a point of contact for their address books and known sources of re-usable material. We would like to use the site to make people aware that we can act in this role - primarily brokering how-to knowledge and disseminating the results of our experimentation, but also in connecting those that approach us in need of materials with those we know who have them. The site has a built in mechanism that allows you to easily give feedback on how it is operating, and any problems you encounter. Although it is primarily in Dutch, there are sections in English and Google Translate does the rest. Join us!

*** Harvestmap.nl has been developed by Netherlands-based Superuse Studios - formerly 2012 Architekten - and will be launched as part of an exhibition at the Architecture Foundation opening on 4th June entitled 'InsideFlows: The Superuse Approach to Design', open until the 31st July. ***